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Why is Voting Important?

Voting allows you to choose someone to represent you in your City, Town, Township, County, State, and on the Federal Level. We must remember to get out and vote so that our voices can be heard. In certain areas only 15% of the people go out and vote. Is that right for only 15% of people to have a say in who is elected to be your voice. The choice is yours to get out and register to vote and to get out and vote. Remember your Voice is your Vote and your Vote is your Voice. Every vote really does matter.

It is time to train up the next generation of voters to have say in what happens in our Cities, Townships, Counties, State, and in our country. It time to give our young people a voice. A voice that will help generations beyond them. It is time to have conversations again about the things that really to matter. Let's be the voice together.

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